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Fanfiction Stories Index

Here is an easy list of quick links for my stories.

Stories Index (in order of original posting)

The Devil Wears Prada - Andy/Miranda

The Heart of the Dragon -
Miranda has a little bit of difficulty opening up to Andrea. Established Mirandy. One shot

Lilac Wine Part 1 Part 2 - You are ready to stop denying what's been right in front of your face. Non-established Mirandy. Femslash. One-shot.

Walking on Air - A light-hearted story based loosely on a Katy Perry song. Hopefully not as lame as it sounds.

Letters - Andy writes a letter of resignation. Miranda writes a letter of recommendation. But they both just aren't quite ready to let go. One shot. Read if you wanna!

A Thousand Words or Less Part 1   Part 2 - A collection of drabbles I will add to as I go along. Mirandy, as always.

Drives Me Wild - Andy and Miranda go on a vacation, and both are a little bummed to be back in the city. Established Mirandy. One-shot.

Light Up - There's nothing wrong with having a little fun. Established Mirandy. Femslash. One-shot.

Almost Always Anywhere   Part 1   Part 2 - Maybe it's fate, and maybe it's luck. Some things are just meant to be. One-shot. Non-Established Mirandy.

After the Tone - Andy and Miranda hole themselves up in Andy's apartment for the weekend and completely ignore the outside world.

All The Way Home - Miranda makes a difficult trip home for the holidays to visit her mother. Established Mirandy. One shot.

Carol - Carol/Therese

Warm in Winter -
Set a few weeks after the end of the movie. Enjoy!

Dinner on Madison Avenue - Abby comes over to the apartment to have dinner with Carol and Therese one Saturday evening.

Rizzoli and Isles - Jane/Maura

Bad Timing -
A/U! Jane and Maura meet while Jane is in high school and Maura is a teacher. Can their relationship survive all of the tests and trials that come with being in a teacher/student relationship?

Grey's Anatomy - Callie/Arizona

You're Everything - Part 1   Part 2