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Lilac Wine Part 1

Lilac Wine
By: Hearrtonmysleeve / hrrtonmysleeve9
Summary: You are ready to stop denying what's been right in front of your face. Non-established Mirandy. Femslash. One-shot.

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DWP Fanfiction - "Letters" Part I

Andy writes a letter of resignation. Miranda writes a letter of recommendation. But they both just aren't quite ready to let go. One shot.
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DWP Fanfiction - "The Heart of the Dragon"

This was my first Mirandy fanfiction.

Summary: Miranda has a little bit of difficulty opening up to Andrea. Established Mirandy. One shot. Femslash. Adult content. Read if you wanna! Words: 4,700

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It's been a while, eh?

I kind of fell off LiveJournal when something happened and I couldn't get into my account. Never fear, I'm still here! I kind of switched fandoms though, in terms of writing. I have written a number of one-shots for The Devil Wears Prada MirAndy fandom. I didn't expect to fall into this fandom, but I landed on a nice, fluffy pillow and I don't see myself ever wanting to get up.

I hope that anyone that decides to stop by enjoys their time. I don't predict it will be a lot of people though, I get a little more traffic on ff.net.

If you want to say hi or check me out, my tumblr is www.hearrtonmysleeve.tumblr.com :)

This is a lot shorter than I wanted it to be, but it just seemed right to end the chapter where I did.

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I've been back and forth about whether or not to write this, and it seems my muse just won't let it go. I haven't decided how long I am going to make it, but I have a few chapters that I plan to post on here before I test them out on ff.net. It is a fic about 7x18 and how Arizona deals with the accident. It starts there but also goes into their life afterward. I should probably warn you that it is angsty and has some pretty dark themes, so I suggest if you are looking for something fluffy, you should probably just keep looking. All stories have a happy ending, though. Right?

Without further ado...

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Rizzles fic - Bad Timing Chapter Eight

It’s been a hell of a day and its only 10:30. I went home to borrow my mom’s laptop (which is probably older than I am, and the size of a large dictionary…) and came back to school this morning. Obviously my roommate wasn’t expecting me because her friends were sleeping in MY BED on MY SHEETS with MY PILLOWS. I’m angry, and out of laundry detergent so I’m writing this to take my mind off things. You’re welcome. Sorry if I sound grumpy.

Still don’t own the characters, cause if I did, I would be able to afford a room of my own.

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